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So you want to embark on the exciting path of home renovation? You’ve probably realized by now it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. In reality, this process is often full of unforeseen challenges.

What’s your budget? Can it handle the unexpected?  Who is advising you throughout the process?

Here are some things from Curbed to get you started, but we want to take some time to explain what makes the Plantation Renovation approach unique: We are designers/consultants and builders.

I’m often struck by the large discrepancy between the homeowners expected cost and actual financials. In most cases, folks can be off as much as 50 percent of the actual estimate.

This is no fault of the homeowner.

The influx of renovation programs on home improvement television offer a skewed view of cost. Labor cost is rarely discussed, nor is the cost of designing and planning the project — that is a sunk cost of the show and not passed along to the happy family enjoying a new, designer kitchen.

A team like the one at Plantation Renovation views itself as your professional project advisor working with you to define your goals and budget and then implementing them with craftsman-like precision.

We work out budget concerns while still working with pen and paper during what we call the Design Phase. We then credit those design fees toward the final cost of the project. We will show you areas to save money. For example, custom, frameless glass shower doors are very popular but are extremely expensive, almost double the cost of a framed metal door.

Perhaps there are other areas where a more standard feature will do? Let’s talk about it. Consider us guides in your renovation journey.

Happy renovating!