About Us

Your home is our business.

Founded in 2002, Plantation Renovation Inc. is a professional home renovation company licensed by the State of Georgia as a Residential/General Contractor.

Our Atlanta-based designers and craftsmen treat your home like a work of art, skillfully blending old and new construction with techniques to transform any outdated home into a masterpiece. We partner with homeowners to develop living spaces as beautiful as they are functional.

Specializing in bathrooms, kitchens and basements, our team is one you can count on through design, planning, construction and beyond. We love projects that go past the scope or capability of traditional, local tradesman. As custom builders, we maintain a high level of commitment and quality. We warrant our work, standing behind it for years to come.

Allow us to guide you on your remodel journey. You won’t be disappointed.

Wade Bowman is the Founder and President/Owner of Plantation Renovation Inc. Wade grew up in Decatur, GA. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. As a former home builder, corporate executive, and home renovation enthusiast, Wade brings all of his experience and skills to the home renovation industry. His unique background and approach to doing business brings a high level of professionalism and integrity to this industry.

Wade portrait

Wade has always had a fascination with home building. When he was around 8 years old, he begged his mother to take him to a new subdivision that was being built around the corner from his house. He asked the workers there for scraps he could have and filled the car trunk with materials. With these scraps and under his parent’s watchful eye, he built his first tree house in the back yard and even put a small porch on the back of it. He and his brother spent many a summer night looking at the stars from this homemade perch.

Today, Wade still enjoys getting involved with the builds. He handles all of the design work himself and his hands-on approach and demand for doing things the right way has made Plantation Renovation’s reputation for quality and integrity so strong.

On the personal side, Wade is married, has two daughters, three dogs and two cats. His free time is consumed with family life and all the blessings this entails. He is also a dedicated servant-leader at his church, Creekside UMC in Cumming.

Wade is easily accessible at the following:

email: info@plantationrenovation.com

Office: (678) 513-2155
Cell: (770) 312-1476
Fax: (678) 807-1325